LearningHub Teachers is a member of the LearningHub Group. The LearningHub Group stands as the undisputed titan of Education Technology in the Caribbean and internationally. From its inception, this trailblazing conglomerate has firmly anchored the educational renaissance in the Caribbean. Daringly introducing eLearning to the Caribbean in 2005, we haven't merely followed trends; we have set them! Our unmatched strides in revolutionising education resonate not just in the Caribbean but also in North America and the vast continent of Africa. LearningHub spans sectors from education to art, coaching, technological consultancy and hospitality; LearningHub's reputation is legendary. Borders do not limit our footprint; with entities registered in North America and the Caribbean, our prowess reverberates internationally.

Awards that Speak Volumes: Our brilliance is recognized at the highest echelons. With four illustrious Jamaican national innovation awards in educational technology, we don't just participate in the future of education; we define it.

Global Alliances and Illustrious Collaborations: Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in our collaborations and partnerships. Over the years, we have fostered powerful alliances with national governments, top-tier international institutions and iconic corporations such as:

  • Ministries of Education across the Caribbean: Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Dominica and the British Virgin Islands.
  • Elite establishments: Harvard University, Macmillan Publishers and Nelson Thornes Publishers.
  • Tech giants: BlackBerry.
  • Renowned financial institutions: Scotiabank Jamaica, Scotiabank Turks and Caicos and TCI Bank.
  • Telecommunication leaders: LIME and Digicel.
  • Security and development institutions: The Jamaica Constabulary Force, Child Development Agency, United States Embassy, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

With LearningHub at the helm, the future of education technology is not just promising; it's transformative.